Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum Flooring has an extensive array of vibrant colors to choose from. It comes in sheet or planks and can be used to create custom designs on your floor

Is Marmoleum Flooring a Green Flooring Option?

Flaxseed pressed into linseed oil makes up the majority of the binder along with natural rosin from pine trees. Sawdust or wood flour along with natural pigment and stone dust are combined into a coarse jelly in the consistency of bread dough and it is pressed under huge rollers onto a natural fabric backing and voila, the color is pressed onto the foundation. Allowed to dry by being hung in tall towers, the flooring material cures and is cut into rolls or tiles and sent to market.

Based on a recipe perfected well over a hundred years ago, the Forbo Company still follows the original process and stays true to the traditions of linoleum manufacturing. Using the efficiency of the Scots and the planning of the Swiss, there is a fine hum to the process that is remarkable. The 21st century vinyl flooring has nothing on this 1850′s original natural plastic.
A nice little description of a reintroduced Marmoleum collection from the 20′s along with a little interesting video about the processes and life of linoleum.

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