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Carpet is a comfortable, luxurious type of flooring that can be installed from wall to wall. The most common types of residential carpet are frieze, textured, plush, and loop (berber).

Residential Carpet

Residential carpet has came along way in performance and stain resistance. There have been big improvements in manufacturing technologies and raw materials in the last decade. Stain proof technology has provided for a new ease of cleaning for those families with kids and pets. The new stain resistance allows for the cleaning of most hard to get rid of stains with just warm water. Some of the tougher stains can be removed with a bleach solution. Some of our carpets our actually made from corn and are a much greener flooring solution is you prefer an environmentally friendly option. The new luxuriously soft collection provide a “silky soft” feel under foot and easy to walk for years to come.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet comes in loop and cut pile flooring. Our commercial experts will help you decipher your project’s specifications and choose the best brand for the job. If your working with an architect, we will provide you with LEED points so your project can be certified. A short, dense, loop pile carpet performs the best in a commercial application due to its ability to resist “crushing” and tons of foot traffic. Zipperlock technology prevents unattractive raveling which is common in the commercial sector. A good commercial carpet is also easy to clean and remove tough stains. We have a huge portfolio of customers in the Portland, Oregon area. Send us an email with your project details and one our commercial flooring experts will respond to your project right away!

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