Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is easily installed, cleaned, and maintained. It provides the realistic hardwood look with very good resistance to scratching.

An Easy-To-Install Flooring Option

Laminate flooring is in a class of its own by being the first to offer a glueless alternative to flooring installation. Most laminate floors are installed using the click-and-snap method, locking the individual panels in place without the use of nails, glue, or screws. Laminate floors can also be installed on almost any dry, level surface. No more worrying about a suitable subfloor. This makes laminate flooring easy enough to install even those with minimal experience in carpentry, helping to keep your flooring costs manageable.

A Floor that Cleans Easily

Being a product of technological advancements, one of the things that the developers gave attention to is its cleaning and maintenance. Keeping in mind the places where this flooring is to be installed, laminate floors have been made to clean quickly and easily. Taking moisture levels into consideration, simple regular mopping or sweeping will keep scratches and dirt from collecting on the surface. One must take care not to overwet the floor because too much moisture will damage laminate floors. Also take care to clean up spills immediately to prevent staining of any kind.

Beautiful Rooms Deserve Beautiful Floors

Laminate floors can take the appearance of any hardwood species you wish, as well as stone. This is because the second top-most layer of a laminate floor is a photograph of a specific hardwood or stone surface, giving you the appearance of beautiful hardwood and stone without the hassles of upkeep. This layer is protected by a resin layer designed to protect the image from wear, tear, and fading. Your laminate floors remain beautiful and pristine as the day you installed them. As a homeowner, what more can you ask for?

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