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Need Flooring? Shop Smart!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013By

Need Flooring? Shop Smart!

The world of floor covering and the customers who are shopping for it is evolving at such a rapid rate that it requires a different approach to navigate the retail environment. First, the public is becoming more interested in sustained value than the lowest price possible. That being the case, sales that are not really sales, 70% off prices that aren’t really 70% off, and similar tactics have much less effect on the consumer.

Because of the vast array of products on the market, what people seem to be looking for now is guidance and education. An experienced and knowledgeable flooring specialist should take a more consultative stance with his or her clients, offering expert guidance on the best options to suit their needs and inform them of the positives and negatives of the various products. A good example is bamboo. A premium bamboo will easily last 25 years in a home, but even though it is not a wood, it performs like wood. Basic bamboos have a very pristine appearance, so if a home has children or dogs, bamboo may not look good for very long. Knowing this, many people turn to cork from trusted manufacturers like WE Cork, Natural Cork and Wicanders Cork. Known in the green and sustainable community as “the hundred year floor”, cork is naturally resilient and has a much more intricate look that will hold its appearance much longer.

Homeowners have a similar experience choosing carpet. While many people feel that nylon carpet is more affordable and practical than wool, in many cases, wool, from quality manufacturers like Godfrey Hirst, is the better value and has a much nicer feel underfoot. Whereas entry-level to mid-range nylon will look poor in 5 to 10 years, most wools will hold their appearance 30 years or longer. Generally speaking, wool can cost quite a bit more than the synthetics, but because they last so long they can turn out to be a better buy. Among other things, wool increases indoor air quality, is naturally flame retardant, and has built in resistance to crushing.

For more information, you can call Interstate Flooring Company, located at 4075 North Interstate Ave. in Portland, at 503-473-8689 or visit us online at Interstate Flooring offers an extensive variety of green and sustainable products and can help you find a product that will make your life better and that you can enjoy for decades.

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Summer Savings-Come Floor with Us!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012By

We are unveiling are summer savings discounts on select products again! Come on in and check out some of our hottest brands from 15 to 20 percent off!

Check out our new website!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012By

We have added a new design and alot more pictures to our website to enhance your shopping experience!

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